Saturday, April 3, 2010


He loves them! Eggies he calls them. And the fact that this is his first Easter where he can truly understand when we say, "let's color some eggs" or "Ready to go on a easter egg hunt?" is even better. He was stoked!! The best part was to catch the little guy in action.

Today, we had the pleasure of joining our good friends in a easter egg hunt....and it was Joey's first time!! Now don't diss the basket; mama was a bit of a slacker in purchasing a basket this year, but he'll be waking up to some lovely easter treats from the easter bunny. 

Here's Joey on the left & Jaden on the right

My little love! He's checkin' 'em out....and you can never go wrong with a bubble machine. This one was pretty cool.

I caught him eating a piece of chocolate....he knows he can't hide from me. 

And by the way, here's one he wanted to share with you. Happy Easter!


  1. Oh Jihan,
    Those are such wonderful pictures!! Your boys are getting so BIG!! I have to visit soon! xoxo Happy early Birthday and I will be in Novato a lot because my parents are opening up a Vitamin Store, so that means that I can visit more often!! xoxo Have a wonderful Birthday on Monday!!

    xox love lexi xoxo

  2. The boys look super cute and Joey looks like he had a great time. BUBBLES!